Save the Cathedral Of Justo

Justo Gallego Martinez, 93 from Spain, is the man who for more than 60 years has been building on his own, an incredible work of architecture, using only scrap material from the nearby industrial polygon. To complete it and make sure it going to stay there in the future, there are some costs, legal and of manteinance. We are helping Justo and Angel, by using several services on the internet, to achieve the sum required to save the incredible Cathedral of Mejorada del Campo (Madrid)

What is the target?

We need to collect 40000 euros which are the costs for making sure the Cathedral will be legal and safe for the public. all the funds exceeding the need will be used to complete this incredible work which has been going for more than 50 years and for other projects related to cathedral.

About Us

We are Scan And Make, a Liverpool based start-up. We met Justo and Angel in different occasion, as we held the final exhibition of our art contest Making Art 4.0 in the Cathedral. With our technological skills we are helping Justo to collect the funds needed to secure his work.

Get Involved

Your help is vital to the campaign, and even a very small donation or sharing the campaign on your social medias would help hitting the target a very easy task. This is an incredible piece of art, featured in exhibition at New York MoMa, in worldwide television programs an mainstream media.

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via Justo Gallego Martinez –

【遊西班牙】愚公建教堂 成世未掂過女人

【小鎮版聖家堂】 「愚公移山」是個寓言故事,在西班牙卻真有其事。半世紀以前,Justo Gallego Martinez 傾家蕩產,在馬德里的小鎮一個人由零開始興建大教堂。跟高第位於巴塞隆拿的聖家堂一樣,今天仍未竣工,但同樣吸引不少人前往朝聖。 相關新聞:【遊西班牙】米拉之家住客 如何每日被參觀 遠看Justo的教堂非常宏偉,近看會看見許多粗糙的細節,卻更叫人驚嘆:外牆是撿回來的磚砌成、石柱由注入石屎的廢膠筒叠高而成、鋼筋則是回收來的舊水管,還有畫工一般但配色一流的壁畫和彩繪玻璃。這座教堂未必是世上最美的,但可能是最神奇的。「每個人都說我是個瘋子。」現年94歲的Justo回憶說:「我只是一個農夫,對建築一竅不通。但當你試着以靈性一面去感受,就能領悟到事物是如何組成。」 from Justo Gallego Martinez –

via Justo Gallego Martinez –

The Team:


Pier Filippo Conti and Paolo Elmo of Scan And Make running the campaign with Angel and Justo in the Cathedral in 2017.

Where is the Cathedral?