One-Man Cathedral

De officiële crowdfunding-campagne om de kathedraal van Justo Gallego in Mejorada del Campo, Madrid te redden


How to Donate:

To donate with Paypal you have two different ways: via the page or manually by sending a “friends and family” payment to the [email protected] account.

If you choose the first option, please click on the following button, you will be prompted to the screen you can see on the image on the right.

Here you can select the amount to donate.

After you have chosen the amount, you will be prompted to login with your paypal credentials.

After you have logged in and selected your bank account, you will review your payment. It is very important to check that the option “Paying for goods or a service” is unselected, as this way you make sure that all your donation goes to Justo and the Cathedral and doesn’t get wasted in administration fees.

Thank you for your donations ❤️

Here at, we would like to thank you for all your donations. Thanks to you now the cathedral has been saved, the first public mass took place and most of the marble floors are now been layed, amongst many other improvements. We are still collecting funds that will go towards the completion of the Cathedral and the construction of infrastructures to make it a safer and more comfortable for visitors of all ages and ability, by improving accessibility.